Within Australia

1 hour                                    $700
90 minutes                          $1,100

90 min GFE/PSE               $1500

2 hours                                  $1,300

Couples                                 $1,500 (2 hours)

Dinner Date  2.5hrs         $2000

You dine me 1.5hrs then we retreat to  indulge in sensual ecstasy together 1hr.

Day/Night                          $3,500 (8 hours)
Overnight                           $4,500 (12 hours)
Weekend                            $10,000 (48hours)

To avoid your experience being anything but intimate please read my suggestions & contact me directly to personalise your own encounter.

Please note explicit services in service list require additional PSE charges ($300ph & are at my discretion)

If we only have one fleeting moment let's make it one to remember!

What’s next - to secure an exclusive time & date, a donation toward our arrangement is requested.



🔵Have $’s ready for a deposit

🔵insert Any bank card to activate the ATM

🔵Follow prompts on screen,

🔵Enter my details below:

Bank: commonwealth

Acc name; SE Capital PTY LTD

BSB: 062909

ACC:1023 6520

Swift Code; CTBAAU25

🔵send me an sms, whatsapp or email with

A Photo of paid receipt


Date + duration

Service/requests if any 💋💦

To find a CBA IDM ATM use this search link (enter "deposit" in search filter)


Once your deposit is made I will respond with details to meet with me.

Pleasures soon



 Outside of Australia

Donations are subject to currency fluctuation.

As a guide, the fees are based on AUD donations + $50 for conversion.

Figures below may vary as currency fluctuates, Please use below as a guide

Introductory Taster GFE & PSE

1.5 hours                     HKD
All listed arrangements are still options too.

Exclusive Mornings & 7-10 am or Dinner Dates after 7 pm

2.5 hours                        HKD
3.5 hours                        HKD


1 hour                               HKD
2 hours                             HKD


1 hour                             HKD
1.5 hours                        HKD

Long Stay & Overnight

8 hours                            HKD
12 hours                          HKD

So you know what you want now, here is how to make firm action 

From the moment we connect, the more detail you enquire with the faster we can meet your expectations.

To have exclusive arrangement, a security or endorsement is requested.

Choose which method you feel most comfortable with.

Option A a small online donation towards the remaining fees. This can be delivered in 1 of 3 ways

A gift card (best for overseas transactions)

Cash into ATM (very discrete and instant)

EFT or Wire Transfer (if you have 7 days) or instant if you bank with Commonwealth Bank Of Australia

Option B, A formal endorsement via email, whatsapp or sms from a colleague

‘this method is not guaranteed to be efficient”, it also requires you to contact the provider to prior warn and to provide all verified details to me for me to action.


For DISCRETE & INSTANT VERIFICATION Follow 5 step instructions here

1. Go online click below;
Flight Gift Card

2. Choose E Gift Card option

3.Select $100 AUD Gift Card

To action use my name and email

4.NAME: Leah Lux

Once paid I will receive an email, please reply with;

5.The time & Duration + other requests

ASAP, So I can prepare my bag with all the toys and lingerie you want to see me in.

You can download the PDF version of this here

What's Next...?

Get in touch via leahlux@protonmail.com and be near your phone or computer for my reply.

Alternatively you can SMS ONLY on my mobile +61 47 7492 532 or WhatsApp +61 455 598 019 to arrange a call back at a preferred time.

Please message me:

• Your name
• Preferred date of service
• Time/Duration

Feel free to add in the service style you wish to have and also any special requests.

A little bit about yourself is always nice to read as well.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Leah Lux xx
Lux Companion