Finding the time to be completely exclusive between life's social commitments & studies sees me less active on SMS & chat interfaces than I would like to be.

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Yes I licked the spatula clean 💋💦
Coming off my sugar high over here
After a very sexy dinner party #followed by a little salsa dancing
Disclaimer I don’t salsa I just grind and bounce about
@TheByronRhodes is the one with all the moves
Thanks for a fun night in/out

News and Announcements: My lady Lungs are ready to Jet-Set London here I come on @scarletblue9 visit:

Although the city of Sydney sees allot of smog in the air here today
My Lux Lair air is crisp clean & I am ready for a pillow wrestle between readings here today
Avail after 3pm for one well organised gent
(deposits &/screening required😘)

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