Finding the time to be completely exclusive between life's social commitments & studies sees me less active on SMS & chat interfaces than I would like to be.

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So a little reminder to spread the Christmas cheer
When and where possible it’s a donation/good deed a day for Christmas - join me or rejoice with me
Just because it feels good ♥️

About yesterday’s fun
& reworking last minute plans
Oh my another day like that again
“Yes please”
Someone pinch me over here 🥰
Happy hump day peeps I hope you woke smiling just as wide as me over here👈🏻


My level of co dependency is
Green plants
Self care
& my hair
I hope your day is looking just as fulfilling
Pre book for guaranteed company
When in Australia or away I’m only a whatsapp or sms call to changing your day


Religious Discrimination Bill threatens access to healthcare | Human Rights Law Centre
how are we de evolving as a society - I’m just so confused by this ?

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