Finding the time to be completely exclusive between life's social commitments & studies sees me less active on SMS & chat interfaces than I would like to be.

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👉🏻scheduled change👈🏻
Wining with a new contract
available after 2pm in #sydney
Online from 2pm too
👉🏻Date & Location Shuffle 👈🏻
SYDNEY 6 wk staycation
Pre work and Mid day delights
👉🏻see 👈🏻
link in BIO TO BOOK


23 positions and a one night stand all with my phone 📲
Offline attending to all things me
Till LIVE 9pm AEST - see BIO 💋


These are a few of my favourite things
I’m forever grateful for all of the wonderful gifts 🎁 I have received
But I’m thinking it’s time to change up my wishlists ...I have all the material wants a girl could need
I’m thinking more of giving back
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