My Story

Before we meet, let me help you feel a little more comfortable by getting to know each other. I'd like to tell you my story of how I came to be a touring companion.

I had been touring world-wide hosting live events for conventions, traveling to business meetings, and working modeling contracts. Ushered from one city to the next so often, that living out of a suitcase became all-too-familiar.

Whenever I was traveling, I knew there must be something other than spa baths and hotel suite massages. I would think to myself, "Shall I stay in at night all alone in a hotel room?" or "Shall I go out and explore the thriving social scenes?" Always unsure of where to go, or what to do to keep myself entertained.

I longed to explore local culture away from the mundane experience of restaurant meetings. A fleeting night in, or a day/evening of experiences and adventure? There's nothing as satisfying as those intimate moments. 

But my time was so heavily scheduled in the days I was contracted, that it was in my downtime that I found myself feeling restless. In the hope of finding someone to share this time with I started exploring companionship.

I realised I wanted to give to others what I always wanted for myself, and lead me to explore the joy of delivering the complete courtesan experience as your Hostess.

Planning is my pleasure, so allow me to play host to you. Experience the Lux VIP treatment to leave you feeling relaxed and contented in my companionship.

It's all in the name...LUXURY.



From the moment we connect, be it a casual affair or an extravagant fantasy, allow me to treat you like royalty.

A warm message, a gentle voice, a smile & more all wrapped up in a seductive package to greet you at the door.

Arranging a time is simple, exciting & discrete so tell me your desires and let me help you feel complete.

Without a doubt we will soon be swept off our feet.

See additional links to hear more information on my services and pre-meeting arrangements.

What's Next...?.

Get in touch via and be near your phone or computer for my reply.

Alternatively, you can send an SMS to my mobile +61 47 7492 532 or WhatsApp +61 455 598 019 to arrange a call back at a preferred time be specific with your requests.

Please be detailed in your request:

• Your name
• Preferred date of service
• Time/Duration

Also add in the service style you wish to have and also any special requests.

A little bit about yourself is always nice to read as well.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Leah Lux xx
Lux Companion