I was once a centrefold, touring entertainer, international showgirl, and creative at heart. More recently, I've evolved into the experienced woman the academic you see here.

I've often pondered why being the best in the game matters when it's so much more fulfilling to drop the facade. Each gender has their quirks, each body has different sensitivities.

We women, start conjuring in the mind with metal games, likely to thirst for genuine connections and personable creativity?

Whether it's excelling the bedroom or the boardroom, gents I'm here for it all. From exploring erotic expressions to playful pleasures and exquisite fantasies, I delve deeper than just an act.

My journey of self-exploration has transformed me from a Barbie exterior to an experienced empress-next-door. Still petite yet bold, I offer a unique experience beyond the surface level just with a PHD in all things sexualised.

I'm not here to coerce you with my body or talents. Instead, I aim to satisfy you on a deeper level, igniting your sensual journey with me.

With years of experience and a passion for elevating sex and sensuality, I'm on a quest to heighten arousal and explore all things erotica. Join me on this journey of sexual authenticity.

Leah Lux companion hostess girlfriend escort

I am what some would call an eternal student, forever recrediting. I say this to let you know my schedule can be tight around assessment times.

However, in saying this I am well entertained with neighbouring girlfriends frequent to drop by for social dates.

Planing is always best to help meet requests as you wish, you know what they say "time is but the ultimate luxury".

The best way to see new content is by following my Twitter, Instagram & OnlyFans page.

All media pages are updated regularly & I go live 3x a week on OnlyFans we can interact there too.

I hope you feel relaxed in knowing me a little more intimately now, let's talk more when we meet......?

My Physical Attributes

Height: 152cm tall
Weight: 52kg light
Hair Colour: Caramel Balayage
Eye Colour: Green/Hazel
Physique: Athletic & Busty
Dress Size: 6
Ethnicity: Caucasian / European
Personality: Seductive, Sassy & Sweet

What's Next...?

Get in touch via [email protected] and be near your phone or computer for my reply.

Alternatively you can SMS ONLY on my mobile +61 47 7492 532 or WhatsApp +61 455 598 019 to arrange a call back at a preferred time.

Please message me:

• Your name
• Preferred date of service
• Time/Duration

Feel free to add in the service style you wish to have and also any special requests.

A little bit about yourself is always nice to read as well.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Leah Lux xx
Lux Companion